2017-2018 Competitions

This is our initial attempt at using online judges. In order to simply the process we are trialing a new system for image submissions and judging. There are a few changes you need to be aware of:

Image Dimensions
For Round 2 images can have a maximum dimensions of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high.

Account Registration
In order to submit images you must first create an account. Each account must be manually approved so you will not be able to submit your images until your account has been approved. Please ensure you use the same email address that you used when you joined GRIPS as if a different email address is used then there may be delays in your account being approved.

Print Category
As judging for Round 2 will be done by judges online there we have removed the print category for this round.

If you have any questions or difficulties please contact the Competitions Chair, Adam Lauzon, at competitions@gripskw.ca. There are a few changes for submitting your images in Round 2.

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